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The Most Influential Events in the Money

The Most Influential Events in the Money
Illustration - 2016 was a year of radical change and the decision of historical importance in the world of finance. Here are some of the most events in memory of the events that have been passed over the past year.

All the political events and policies of a country superpower has always had links with the world of finance. Some of the country's currency in the world has experienced an impressive performance in 2016 ago. However, there are also some countries in the world currency instead experiencing poor performance.

The Most Influential Events in the Money

➤ Trump

On 8-9, November 2016, in the course of one of the most exciting presidential election in the history of the new US president is selected, Donald Trump who earn more than the required 270 votes, was elected US president. On January 20th 2017 the official inauguration of the new head of the White House will occur.

In the course of the campaign, presidential Donald Trump continues to promise to cancel many of Obama's decisions, in particular (cancels and replaces) health care reform, canceling obstacle to mining and hydrocarbons up the middle classes.

With the action taken by one of the most famous multimillionaires in the world, we can assume that he aims to drastically change the entire political and economic map of the world. Financial world reacted quite loud at these events: the US indices (DJIA, S&P) move hit a record; USD began to strengthen against all world currencies.

➤ US Fed rate

The Federal Reserve realizing the scenario "aggressive tightening". Regulator not only raise interest rates by 25 basis points, but also predicts there will be another increase in 2017.

Economic prediction member of the Federal Open Market Committee are also climbing. In other words, the market is sufficiently motivated to buy USD now and forever.

➤ Interest rates UniEropa

European Central Bank entered 2016 with an interest rate of 0.05% and in March 2016 down to historic lows, namely 0.0%. This level is maintained until today.

➤ Japanese interest rates

The first time in history, Bank of Japan determines Negative interest rates as a way to combat the inflation process and still lose JPY by 300 points.

At this time the Japanese economy is benefiting from the weak exchange rates (exporters are very happy). The analysts assess the prospects for both economic recovery due to the exchange rate of the national currency is weak today as well due to this negative interest rates.

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