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Therapy For Patients Pedophilia

Therapy For Patients Pedophilia

Health - Pedophilia is a sexual disorder in the form of sexual desire towards adolescents or children under the age of 14 years. People who suffer from pedophilia called pedophiles. A person can be considered a pedophile if he was at least 16 years.

According to mass media, pedophilia is better known as an act of child abuse. This definition is less precise and does not accurately describe the situation of the patient which causes difficulty in research and data collection of this disease.

Today I will discuss the "Therapy For Patients Pedophilia" as I read in a tabloid (NIKAH). The therapy is divided into four categories, namely Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Behaviour Therapy and Drug Therapy.

But, according to my belief, the disease can only be treated with therapy "heart medicine". But, I'm not kidding because heart medicine therapy is a cure of all diseases, both liver disease and physical ailments. If you are you curious about the therapy heart medicine, please search on google or wait in my next article.

Back to the subject, therapy for people with sexual disorders scientifically, by way of Psychotherapy.

Therapy For Patients Pedophilia :

1. Psychotherapy insight oriented therapy approach is most often used to treat patients with Pedophilia. Patients have the opportunity to understand its own dynamics and the events that led to the development of the disease. Psychotherapy also allows the patient to regain self-esteem and improve interpersonal skills, and find a method that can to regain get sexual satisfaction.

2. Sex therapy right complementary treatment option for patients suffering from pedophilia, in which they do not deviate sexual activity with a partner .

3. Behavioral therapy is used to break the behavior of pedophiles. Frightening stimuli, such as electric shock or strong odor has been paired with the impulse. Stimuli can be given by themselves (Pedophilia) and is used by patients when they feel that they will act on the basis of impulse Drug 

4. Therapy Classified Antipsychotic medications and antidepressants, in indications as Skizofreniaatau treatment of depressive disorder, if the Pedophilia accompanied by such disturbances.

When speaking of sexual diseases, of course not separated well from dangers arising from the disease (Pedophilia) If in the view in terms of law, there are four kinds of hazards that need to be aware that I will discuss in the next article.

Do pedophiles can be cured ? 

Pedophilia is a constant infection. Treatment ought to be centered around changing the conduct for the long haul. Treatment as a demonstration of perception and expectation of a criminal demonstration. A gathering of specialists psychic would be sent to bolster the patient. 

You will now and again fitting to take prescription to decrease the allure, for example, Medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation, tranquilizes that diminish testosterone and serotonin inhibitors. Besides, pedophiles require treatment for dependence on liquor or stimulants. 

Youngsters who encounter sexual brutality must be shielded from repetitive occasions. A few youngsters who encounter brutality should be taken to healing facility.

Any tests commonly performed to diagnose pedophilia ?

Diagnosis of pedophilia is difficult because many of the patients did not show any emotion, even when met with the doctor. Detailed information about the patient is very important for diagnosis. 

Additional information must also be collected from the family, the possibility of the victim, law enforcement organizations, or communities. Even an experienced physician may not be able to diagnose the disease in all cases.

MRI scans and multiple detectors brain waves can be used to observe brain activity. The waves recorded will indicate where the images that provoke the patient, allowing the diagnosis is done.

Important: The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult your doctor.

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