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Subspecies Of Ancient Man Homo Sapiens Type

According to A.L Krober, explained that the Homo Sapiens consists of several subspecies or consists of several races still breed until today throughout the world. Among these are Caucasoid Race, Race Mongolia, Negroid Race, Race Special. There are also differences in the races are as follows:

Racial differences or subspecies, Homo Sapiens:

1. Race Caucasian.
Caucasians have a characteristic white, sharp nose, blond hair, and tall.
a. Nordic, located on the island of northern Europe and around the Baltic Sea.
b. Aplin, are in central Europe and eastern Europe.
c. Mediterranean, located around the Mediterranean, North, African, Armenian, Arabia, and Iran.
d. Indic, found in India and Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

2. Mongoloid race.
Mongoloid race has the characteristics of yellow skin, black hair and medium build.
a. Asiatic, located in North Asia, Central Asia, and East Asia.
b. Malayan Mongoliad, located in Southeast Asia, the islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
c. American Mongoloid, available in North America j (Eskimotribe)

3. The Negroid race.
a. African negroid, located on the African continent.
b. Negrito, located in central Africa, the peninsula of Malacca and the Philippines.
c. Malenesi, located in Papua, and the islands Malenesia.

4. Special Ras.
a. Bushmen, are in the area of the Kalahari desert in South Africa.
b. Weddoid, contained in the interior of Sri Lanka and South Sulawesi.
c. Australoid, namely Aborigim tribal and indigenous tribes of the Australian continent.
d. Ainu, located on the island of Hokkaido island Karafotu and Japan.

While Homo Sapiens in Indonesia Already during the Age Mesolithikum and they already know where to stay permanently, and already has the ability to grow crops, although still modest. Culture referred to as Masolithikum culture to cultural influences Bacson-Hoabinh of the Indo-China (Vietnam).

Traces of early human life is also found outside the territory of Indonesia, among others as follows;
1. In China, there is a type of hominid fossils Sinanthropus Pekinensis similar to the type of early humans Peithecanthropus Erectus. 
2. In Germany (Heidelberg), there is a kind of fossil hominid Homo Heidelbergensis that looks like a monkey and the type of hominid fossils Homo Neanderthalensis similar to early modern humans. 
3. In Africa there is a kind of early human fossils Homo Rhodensiensis.
Well, now you are so tell us, turned out early humans not only in Indonesia. So early human life in ancient times was always trying to be better or with the term that is always creative / working. Not less also with humans at present. So, if you do feel the modern man, then let always at work and always strive to be better. Send regards for success.

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