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Some Benefits Bitter Herbs for Healt

Some Benefits Bitter Herbs for Healt

Sambiloto or Andrographis paniculata is a plant that has the properties and benefits for health, this plant has actually been much utilized to treat diseases of the body. Initially the efficacy of this plant is only known by certain circles, such as the nobles and relatives of the palace.

But along with the times, bitter as drug use is not confined to the nobility or relatives of the palace, but also the wider community.

Bitter leaf utilization in medicine is not only by the people in the country, but also in other countries in Asia, such as India and China. Currently, it has a lot of research done to dig deeper into the benefits of bitter, and the results showed that the plant is effective for treating various kinds of diseases. therefore, bitter potential as an important drug in the future.

If we talk about the bitter, can not be separated from the characteristic possessed by this one plant, bitter leaf has a bitter taste incredible. The bitter taste comes from the actual plant andrographolid substances contained in bitter.

Nevertheless, many other content in bitter useful for the treatment, such as alkane, ketone, adelhid, grit and resin acids. Besides, it also contains potassium which serves to increase the amount of urine while helping her out. The content of essential oil of bitter efficacious as an anti-inflammatory.

The leaves of bitter herbs helpful for lowering high fever and malaria. besides plants sambiloto have efficacious to overcome some kinds of diseases such as, hepatitis, infections of the bile ducts, Basiler dysentery, typhoid diarrhea, Influenza, Tonsillitis, Lung abscess, pneumonia, inflammation of the airways, kidney inflammation, acute inflammation of the middle ear, inflammation appendicitis, toothache, fever, Gonorrhea, diabetes, and many more.

Dosing Using Sambiloto
  • Wash Sambiloto fresh leaves as much as a handful (30 grams).
  • Then mash until smooth.
  • Then add half a cup of boiled water (110 ml).
  • Strain bitter leaf 1 time only then drink all at once.
  • Or you can also use the leaves dry Sambiloto as much as 3 grams of boiled and taken 2 times a day before meals.

Those are some benefits Bitter herbs are very useful for health and cure diseases without the use of drugs and chemicals which would cause another effect on our body if we are always taking chemical drugs. May be useful for us all and good luck.

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