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Forms of International Economic Cooperation


NSF - Economic cooperation between the countries have the primary goal is to improve the economic life of the countries involved in it. Is expected to improve the economic life of a country that country has the ability to do a lot of development. If a country's ability to build, ultimately prosperity of the people of the country as a whole will also increase.

Thus, cooperation between countries has actually formed because of mutual need. Because of interdependence, mutual interest, and interlinked, economic cooperation is then tied into what one international official organizations.

Cooperation Group of Manufacturers

Export activities of natural products and agricultural commodities are the most important source of foreign exchange for developing countries. For example, Indonesia, we've relied on petroleum exports as a driver of the economy. In addition, Indonesia is also known as a producer of coffee, natural rubber and other agricultural products.

But producer countries the results of natural rubber and agricultural commodities are often dealing with problems that are not stable commodity prices in the world market as a result of competition between manufacturers themselves. Competition among producers may take the form of price competition and quota (amount). In the end, this competition to the detriment of the producer countries themselves.

This then prompted some countries to conduct economic cooperation in the form of producer groups. With this partnership is expected to be stable commodity prices and can cope with various problems in trading commodity in the world. Some types of cooperation between producer countries and the involvement of Indonesia:

A. Group of Coffee Producing Countries.

This group initiated by the Brazilian states that an agreement as follows:
1. To purchase the coffee market International when coffee prices fell. Coffee is withdrawn from the market and input into the supply International. The goal is that the price of coffee drops 
2. Stocks coffee sold back to the market if the price of coffee has improved.
B. Group of Tea Producing Countries.
As with any group of coffee producing countries, the purpose of cooperation is the tea producing countries strengthen the position of producers as sellers. This group wants the price of tea in the international market could be stabilized.
C. The natural rubber producing countries.
In 1976 through the International Natural On Prise Stabilization Agreement, the countries of natural rubber producers gather with the purpose of regulating the marketing of rubber in the international market. In the assembly, they agreed fatherly mengngumpulkan reserve fund in order to provide a stock of natural rubber that will be used to stabilize the world's natural rubber market. This agreement is implemented as natural rubber market with competition synthetic rubber, which is produced by the developed countries.
D. The group of Chocolate Manufacturers.
As with any group of countries other commodity producers, the group also aims to stabilize the price of chocolate in the international world. For this purpose the reserve fund formed jointly used to buy chocolate brown what if prices weaken.
E. Groups of Petroleum Producing Countries.

The group is known as OPEC (Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Contries), the organization of oil-exporting countries OPEC was established on September 14th 1960 in Baghdad, on the initiative of Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. While Indonesia to become a member of OPEC in 1962.
The group was established with the aim of:
A. Avoiding competition among countries exporting petroleum
B. Raising income member countries of the petroleum sector.
C. Ensuring compliance with the global thirst for oil.

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