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Classification Depth Earthquakes by Hiposentrum

Classification Depth Earthquakes by Hiposentrum

NSF - Classification Earthquakes are 3 kinds, one of which is the classification according to Depth Earthquakes hiposentrum. I repeated again, what the hell was hiposentrum it? Hiposentrum is the center or source of the earthquake that can pitch in the bottom of the earth.

Classification Depth Earthquakes by hiposentrum can still be classified into three types of earthquakes. Among them is, the Earthquake in, Medium Earthquake, Earthquake Shallow. Let us discuss one by Types Earthquake according depth Hiposenterum.

Earthquake in

Earthquakes in an earthquake that has hiposentrum more than 300 km below the surface of our earth. These types of earthquakes are usually not too dangerous, although Vibrations still be felt at the earth's surface. Some places in Indonesia that have experienced earthquakes of this type, among others under the Java Sea, Sulawesi sea, and the sea of ​​Flores.

Earthquake Medium

Medium earthquakes are earthquake hiposenterumnya located at a distance of 60 to 300 km below the earth's surface. An earthquake of this type can cause damage are usually mild and vibrations even more pronounced when compared with the earthquake in. Some places that have experienced earthquakes in Indonesia intermediate type of which is along the western part of Sumatra island, the southern part of Java island, along the Tomini bay, sea islands of Maluku and Nusa Tenggara.

Shallow Earthquake

Shallow earthquakes are earthquakes that have hiposenterum center very close to the earth's surface, which is less than 60 km. Shallow earthquakes can cause the damage that big and could threaten human life. Vibrations also very pronounced when compared with both types of earthquakes above. Some cities in Indonesia who have experienced earthquakes of this type, including the island of Bali, Flores, Yogyakarta and Central Java.

Tips for Natural Disasters Earthquake

Earthquake is a natural disaster because of the release of energy in the earth suddenly and marked by the breaking of rocks in the earth's crust resulting vibrations arising terrible. Or also vibrations felt in the earth's surface caused by seismic waves from the earthquake source within the earth's crust.

While the according to Wikipedia "The earthquake is a vibration or shock that occurs in the Earth's surface due to the release of energy from a sudden that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes typically caused by the movement of the Earth's crust (the plates of the Earth)"

Center or source of the earthquake is located in the bowels of the earth called the Hiposentrum. The area on the surface of the earth or on the sea floor, which is where the center of the earth vibrations propagate also called the epicenter. The earthquake and tsunami can occur at any time. Here are tips or suggestions that you can follow in case of earthquake or tsunami.

Tips for Natural Disasters Earthquake :
If you are in the house or building, do not panic, trying as soon as outward and away from the building.
If the roof started in fall, immediately shelter under the nearest table.
If arriving outside the house, move away from homes or buildings and trees that could potentially collapse.
If you are among the crowds in the room, do not go panic and overcrowding. Look for other possible alternative path.
If in a high-rise building, do not use the elevator.
If you are in a car or vehicle must not stop at the bridge. Stay calm and Pull vehicle to the roadside.
If you are at the beach area, you should be aware of the level of sea level.
Okay, for the article "Classification Depth Earthquakes by hiposentrum" quite got here first, wait for my next posting that classification according Earthquake tremor. So not to be missed.

I took this article from junior high school textbook Integrated IPS by adding a few syllables, but my hope this article can be useful for all of us who may have forgotten to IPS. Thanks for reading the article Classification Depth Earthquakes by hiposentrum.

Some of the photos in the quake photos

 Some of the photos in the quake photos
IBTimes UK

 Some of the photos in the quake photos

 Some of the photos in the quake photos
 Some of the photos in the quake photos
California Earthquake

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