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Breastmilk Advantages when Compared to Formula

Breastmilk Advantages when Compared to Formula

NSF - Breast milk is the drink at once the best food for babies in the world. Not one dairies that until now can match the good quality, usefulness and also the silver lining of breastfeeding for infants throughout human history.

Therefore, the main function of the breast is as dairies for her son who has Allah created as a means to feed the baby who has been entrusted to man.

The benefits of breast milk in comparison formula as follows:
Breast milk contains many substances, nutrients that are essential for the growth of the baby.
Breast milk contains antibodies infants or prophylactic agent of a disease or germs that are very harmful to the baby.
Protein in milk because they very easily on the baby when compared to cow's milk or formula.
Clostrum (Substance immunity from the disease) at the ASI 2000 times more potent when compared with Clostrum contained in cow's milk. While newborns desperately need all similar substances.
Lactose levels in breast milk is higher than the Lakotsa contained in cow's milk. Lakotsa substance is needed babies to provide the energy metabolism of the brain.
Lakotsa is a kind of carbohydrate substances most suited to human infants because in the digestive tract of the baby are Lactase enzyme that digests the lactose in relatively high amounts than Lactase contained in the digestion of calves. In this case, the digestion of lactose more efficiently in human infants channels.
While the advantages and benefits of breastfeeding can be seen from several aspects one of which is the economic aspect. Due to breastfeed exclusively, mothers do not need to pay for baby food until six month old baby. Thus, it would save households to purchase formula and crockery. But if you run into an obstacle to feeding your baby, there are a few things you can do to increase your breast milk (ASI). If Asi mother bit out, then the mother should do a few things below.

Effort To Increase breast milk
  • Nothing or improve nutritional meal.
Spot the mother must meet the calorie, protein, vitamins, and minerals needed. Drink more mineral water than usual.
  • Much rest.
Mothers should not be too busy with household affairs, home affairs, and so forth. More and more mothers would break the resulting increasing breastfeeding.
  • The tranquility of the soul and the mind.
The mothers are always in a state of anxiety, sadness usually lowers the volume of milk in produce. Due to psychological factors influence the process of making milk.
  • Multivitamin.
Only in urgent situations, it is recommended drink vitamins. The point is to get the vitamin that should be from the mothers eat every day.
  • Breast Care.
Breast care other than to keep from being exposed to infection by bacteria and maintaining good breast shape also give incentives to the makers of breast milk glands. Breast care should be done at the time of pregnancy and during lactation.

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