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Aston Martin V12 Vantage S presented to the Aristocrats

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NSF - After a few months of playing with the little, Aston Martin Vantage N430 which V8 engine, eventually Autocar can chat with her sister, Vantage S V12. At first glance the dimensions and looks identical, only mechanical heart are different. Indeed, the typical parts of the two models is wrapping 'lipstick' attached to the edges of the grill with contrasting colors.

Well, our sports car driving this time the yellow blends black carbon fibre on the grille and the air holes in the bonnet. The effect is striking color combinations. In our point of view, it was more like a kind of visual artistic touch than automotive styling. Aston Martin engineers character symbols convey a powerful vehicle through the exterior design language, such as pull line flowing from the fascia to the rear.
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The analogy, if you look at the figure of James Bond, the character that emerges is a quiet, well-dressed, full of allure, but powerful. And it is. The relationship between the hero with the Aston Martin was so attached. In connection with that, this vehicle seems more suited juxtaposed with aristocratic consumers who understand how to interact with Vantage S V12. Sure, anyone can buy it as a resident's garage.

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Turning to the interior. British manufacturers have never done a refresher since 2009. Aston Martin still retains the old dashboard design that feels outdated with other sports car, while the instrument panel is still the same style that does not look aggressive. When you enter, the atmosphere was similar to Vanquish.

Aston Martin retains classic touches such as an analog clock on the center console and handbrake in the form of sticks drawn manually. For Aston Martin's caliber, no doubt about how they wrap the interior, including car seats, with quality materials stitched [handmade] with high accuracy.

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The uniqueness continues when you want to enter and start the car with a Keyless pressing real-glass on the center console. Rpm indicator needle moves quickly when you start the engine. Well, unfortunately the meter cluster invisible red-line indicator as on the vehicle or even sports car in general. So, it seems you have to involve all 'feeling' drive in order to find the point of comfort when it took him speed.

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Under the yellow bonnet dwells a mechanical heart alloy capacity of 6.0 liter naturally aspirated V12. Compared with the regular Vantage engine, the version of 'S' experience tuning the engine to power jumped 10% to 570 hp and torque kicks up 9% to 620 Nm. One formulation to improve performance is the gearbox. Aston Martin engineers immerse Sportshift III gearbox which weighs 20 kg lighter than the older version.

He was provided by a single-clutch automated gearbox that can be operated automatically in Drive mode. Early this acquainted with sports Carless inviting desire because the first had to adapt, how to communicate with a transmission that is unique, even antiques. Is it really fun? We offer two answers, may or may not be. We say no, if you drove it slowly. Really cannot be exciting when the normal mode. Once you enter the first teeth and so feels do not pause a few seconds.

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Long story short, we found the best way to a date with him. Start flexing the fingers, and make it a habit to shift gears manually via paddle shift. We do not say bad transmission. It's just really is unique. Positively, this gearbox is lighter than a dual-clutch. This makes the driver feel very connected to the machine. Feelings like to love, when you really understand how to make out with him, you will be made lazy to move from the seat S V12 Vantage.

Still in drive mode 'Sport'. To accelerate from rest, Vantage S provides a pleasant handling even speed by the response speed of light. Of the constant speed of light is not true. We just termed it because the response was indeed stunning. See, the engine response of the paddle shift of less than 70 milliseconds. To accelerate from 0-100 kph only takes 3.7 seconds. Nicks are not bad numbers.

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Then, How is it feels when compared with the Porsche PDK transmission or S Tronic belongs twin-clutch auto gearbox from Audi? Vantage clear owned transmission will be fun when you are treated as characters. Just look for the right (away from the congestion) then you really will forget about the transmission. Worth it for the groom? If you are serious to have it, you should stop reading this article and hurry up to try their own uniqueness and discover pooling together Vantage S V12.

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