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My Family is my Spirit.

The family spirit is the source of human life, a man without a family will usually lose the meaning of life. Just imagine, even if a person has an abundant treasure she will feel less happy without a family. So do not blame me if this article is titled family spirits.

Life in the world is only temporary, and what we do and try in our lives, in addition to ourselves personally, for who else we give in addition to the family? The income we have, for who else if not for us and our families.
My family is my spirit.

Family is the world heaven after we tired of doing our daily activities, what we do in our daily lives is to provide for our families to survive. For who else we get the treasure if it were not for our families. So blessed are you who still have family.

Call it the family of the tribe, call it a family that network, call it a family that clump nation, or call it the family is still family: whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need a family.

A human achievement or success would not be beautiful if not dedicated to the family. Yes, the family who have supported us during our lives. Then indeed lost the person who just simply amassing wealth for himself, while their single, weathered, alone, and die without weeping.

In the family was an opportunity to get his heaven become more wide open. Parents, the pleasure of Allah pinned on them. Children (pious), which became to be investing our perpetual charity. Our spouse-husband or wife, who became a field wide charity in our lives.

Something that can change us as well as a failure and a success, but we start from the family and ends with our families.

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