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How to Create Your Own Free Premium Accounts SSH

SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol that allows for the exchange of data through a secure channel between two network devices. SSH is often used people to get free internet without the use of the Internet by exploiting loopholes package of specific mobile operator.
Most people who use SSH, they can get their account by buying into the seller or search the blogs that provide free SSH account every day. If you are happy with ssh, then you can create one for free at any Fastssh website.
Here's how to create a free SSH account: Go to one website provider account creation SSH. Select the server you want to use, for example, American If you have selected a server, you just create SSH Username and Password SSH After you press the Create Account will automatically pop up notification SSH account has been successfully created. To know the host and port, you can scroll to the top
SSH Server is a server Singapore's most widely hunted, in addition to faster connec…

How to know the IP address of Computer itself

IP Address is a series of numbers unix used to address the identification of a host computer when accessing the Internet, which usually consists of 8 to 12 digit numbers.
IP Address on the computer there are 2 kinds of IP static and dynamic IP. When we make use wifi network or modem then we do not need static ip settings on the computer because the computer is automatically obtain ip address.
To see the IP address on your computer then we can megikuti steps - steps as follows: Go to the command prompt on your computer by clicking Start - select Run, then type cmd, As shown below

 Then type ipconfig and enter, As shown below

 Then you will get the ip computer, as the images that are marked with a red arrow

This is an article about how to find an ip a computer. And hopefully this article can help solve your problem. Thank you for reading this article