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Smoking Makes Men Lose Chromosome Y

Chromosome is a genetic unit found in every cell nucleus in all living beings, shaped chromosome long series organized by the DNA molecules and proteins. Chromosome itself are two parts, namely the X chromosome and chromosome Y. The Y chromosome carries the properties of maleness, while the X chromosome contains traits of femininity. In the mother's egg cell only found the X chromosome, which determines the properties of femininity.

The father in the seed, there are sperm-sperm containing an X chromosome or a Y chromosome alone. Chromosomes are the main elements in determining sex Women have XX male element having element XY

Smoking Makes Men Lose Chromosome Y

Smoking Make Men Less Males?

This chromosome has a function as a storage material genetic material of life. It consists of DNA, we know DNA has a very important role, namely to carry out daily tasks, and also saves any genetic information, it can also help direct an organism to grow. So this chromosome has a great function in our body. "softilmu"

Smoking makes men lose the Y chromosome?

A Swedish scientist "Prof. Dumanski" claims that new research shows smoking actually makes the man became less manly. Fosberg Lars and Jan P Dumanski of Uppsala Univeristy has been suggested that men who smoke are more likely to lose their chromosones Y when they get older.

Writing in the journal Science, they said their research is driven by the findings that show men are at risk of suffering from genital cancer less than women, but such cases are more likely to be fatal. Their research found that smokers were between 2.4 and 4.3 times more likely to lose their Y chromosome as they grow older, compared with non-smokers. Prof Dumanski said the research may help explain why men have a shorter life span than women generally.

He said it also showed smoke more harmful to men. "This may explain why men generally have a shorter life span than women, and why smoking is more harmful to men."

In addition to possible lung cancer due to smoking -this most fatal-, smoking is also known as a major risk factor for many serious diseases. Smoking is the cause of premature death in the world due to chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. The research team analyzed data on more than 6,000 men, taking into account age, exercise habits, cholesterol levels, educational status, alcohol consumption, and many other health factors and behaviors.

They found in smokers, the loss of the Y chromosome depends on the 'dose of smoking'. In other words, people smoking to lose more, and those who subsequently quit smoking, it is possible to recover the Y chromosome.

Lars Forsberg, who was also involved in the study, said the Y chromosome disorders caused by smoking is possible to recover. "This discovery could be very persuasive to motivate smokers to quit," he said.

Meanwhile other scientists are not sure lost the Y chromosome in the blood cells associated with cancer development, although there is the possibility of immune cells in the blood that have lost the Y chromosome causes reduced ability to fight cancer cells

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