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Parents Have an Important Role in the Eradication of Drugs

Is a substance or narcotic drugs derived from plants, either synthetic or semisynthetic that would cause a change of consciousness, reduced to relieve pain and can cause dependence (addiction). Narcotics types are often misused is morphine, heroin (putauw), pethidine, including marijuana, or cannabis, marijuana, hashish and cocaine.

Class of psychotropic substances or drugs are either natural or synthetic narcotics are efficacious but not active against psychosis (psychoactive) through effects on the central nervous system causing a certain change of mental activity and behavior. While the types of psychotropic often misused is amphetamines, ecstasy, methamphetamine, tranquilizers such as Mogadon, Rohypnol, dumolid, lexotan, pills koplo, BK, including LSD, Mushroom.

Parents Have an Important Role in the Eradication of Drugs

Other addictive substances here are materials / substances not Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances such as alcohol / ethanol or methanol, tobacco, gas is inhaled (inhalants) and the solvent (solvent). Often the use of cigarettes and alcohol, especially in the group of adolescents (aged 14-20 years) should watch out for parents because it is generally the use of both substances are likely to be the entrance to the abuse of other drugs more dangerous (putauw).

As parents, should we have to pay attention to the behavior of our children. Abuse of narcotics and illicit drugs among young people today are growing, because the substances contained in illicit drugs can cause nerve increasingly fragile encroached addictive substances.

A young age is very vulnerable age ranging from 11 to 24 years of age. Dependence on such drugs can be defined as a state that encourages a person to consume drugs repeatedly or continuously. If it does not do so he was addicted (sakau) resulting in discomfort and even pain highly on the body.

Therefore, parents should arise awareness among the youth, especially for teenagers who reach the age of 11-24 years, given the risk that can be caused by a very dangerous drug. Better to prevent than cure.

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