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Are Ghosts Kolor Ijo There Or not

Kolor ijo is a myth that is commonly described type beings imitation stealth manifold which has blue skin and postured as the human body in general. But surely, can not be ascertained kolor ijo coarse eye, many different mengartika. Kolor ijo not only rife in the area of Java, but there are many newspapers reported that green drawstring Java occurred outside the area, such as this one.

This happened on Citizens Lengkong Hamlet, Village Bawalipu, District Wotu, Luwu Timur, especially the descendants of migrants from Java, still dirudung alarmed by the terror KolorIjo. However, until now the perpetrators and the motive has not been revealed. Camat Wotu AR Salim, said there were 11 cases already reported the device hamlet, community leaders. Seeing this case, what is in your mind.

Are Ghosts Kolor Ijo There Or not

But definitely, kolorijo perpetrators to watch, regardless of whether kolorijo a stealth or human. This is as a warning to us, to be more careful in keeping your family.

In every news spread, the average kolorijo victim is a woman who fucked then killed, just after the green drawstring part of the pubic sikorban alone. Whether what is right, because until now, kolorijo still a mystery unsolved, such as the news of this one that occurred in South Sulawesi, District Wotu, East Luwu regency.

Three reported no women who live nearby are victims penusukkan. Surprisingly perpetrators only after the victim genitals, According to one resident, within two days there were three reported victims because his cock stabbed with a sharp object. But not until the third suffered severe injuries, penusukkan itself occurs at night and dark conditions because a blackout. The victim who was sleeping also did not see the perpetrators.

To address this, we should be more introspective and always surrender to God. Because the crime occurred not only because there is the intention of the perpetrators, but also when there is a chance that makes the intention was there.

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