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Are Ghosts Kolor Ijo There Or not

Kolor ijo is a myth that is commonly described type beings imitation stealth manifold which has blue skin and postured as the human body in general. But surely, can not be ascertained kolor ijo coarse eye, many different mengartika. Kolor ijo not only rife in the area of Java, but there are many newspapers reported that green drawstring Java occurred outside the area, such as this one.
This happened on Citizens Lengkong Hamlet, Village Bawalipu, District Wotu, Luwu Timur, especially the descendants of migrants from Java, still dirudung alarmed by the terror KolorIjo. However, until now the perpetrators and the motive has not been revealed. Camat Wotu AR Salim, said there were 11 cases already reported the device hamlet, community leaders. Seeing this case, what is in your mind.

But definitely, kolorijo perpetrators to watch, regardless of whether kolorijo a stealth or human. This is as a warning to us, to be more careful in keeping your family.
In every news spread, the average kolori…

Identify the type of pristine archipelago artwork

Pure Art is an art that was developed to enjoy its beauty. Pure art prioritize aesthetic properties than their usefulness in everyday life. An example is the painting, calligraphy, and sculpture. In contrast to the applied arts, fine arts are not to be used as another tool. Which is utilized in this art is worth its beauty.
According to history, 5 is the largest pure art of painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry with art minor arts including drama and dance. lately, Fine Arts typically includes forms of visual art and performing art. however, in some institutions of learning or fine arts museum. Pure art is often associated with a form of visual art.
Pure art is the process of making art or works that do not take into account the function, but more accurately called the disclosure soul freely in accordance with the satisfaction of the perpetrators. pristine archipelago artwork
Pure art is now classified in some style of art that is Naturalism, Surrealism, Impressionism, …

Understanding Nicotine Substances and Effects

C10H14N2 nicotine or alkaloid is an organic compound, which generally consists of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen sometimes. This alkaloid chemical compound has a strong effect and is a stimulant to the human body. Nicotine is an addictive substance that affects the nerves and blood circulation. This substance is a carcinogen, and is able to trigger lung cancer is deadly. Nicotine can be isolated or separated from the tobacco plant.
However, people usually do not consume nicotine in the form of pure substances, but indirectly when they smoke. Nicotine inhaled during smoking can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure, carcinogenic so that it can increase the risk of developing lung cancer, brittle legs, cataracts, lung bubbles widened (emphysema), the risk of coronary heart disease, infertility, and interruption of pregnancy.

Effects of Nicotine Nicotine can influence and change the function of the brain and body. Nicotine makes the smoker feel relaxed and kemuadian feel mo…

The principles of First Aid

First Aid is the first aid to be given to victims who get accident or sudden illness quickly and accurately before the victim was taken to a place of reference or hospital. First Aid meant that provide emergency care to victims, before a complete first aid given by a doctor or other health personnel. First Aid granted to rescue the victims, alleviate the suffering of the victims, prevent injuries or more severe illness, maintain the durability of the victim, and finding further relief.
As for the principles of aid to the victims as well as some equipment needed for the victims but not all there, but we are required creative and able to master every situation. The basic principles in dealing with an emergency situation including :

Basic Principles First Aid : * Make sure you are not the next victim. Often, we careless or less
think long when we encounter an accident. Before we help the victims, first check whether the site is secure or is still in danger.
* Use the method or way aid quic…

Be Aware of the Negative Effects of the Internet

NSF - Internet progressed very rapidly at the start of the year 2000 or the year of the millennium.  In early 2000, only certain circles who can enjoy the internet. But with the growing world of technology, the Internet became a staple of the majority of the world population. Imagine how many billion people in this world.

The Internet is a network transfer and downloading of data is done by many people. Internet provides a lot of useful information for its users. Not only has that, too, in the era of the internet now becomes a source of income of the internet marketers reliable. But in so doing, we must remain aware of the Internet, because the Internet does not always have a positive effect, in view of the negative side, the Internet has the danger / profound effect on children's growth and development today.

Not just any internet technology to watch. Many technologies that could endanger human ahlak, such as increasingly sophisticated technological advances in the field of telem…

Parents Have an Important Role in the Eradication of Drugs

Is a substance or narcotic drugs derived from plants, either synthetic or semisynthetic that would cause a change of consciousness, reduced to relieve pain and can cause dependence (addiction). Narcotics types are often misused is morphine, heroin (putauw), pethidine, including marijuana, or cannabis, marijuana, hashish and cocaine.
Class of psychotropic substances or drugs are either natural or synthetic narcotics are efficacious but not active against psychosis (psychoactive) through effects on the central nervous system causing a certain change of mental activity and behavior. While the types of psychotropic often misused is amphetamines, ecstasy, methamphetamine, tranquilizers such as Mogadon, Rohypnol, dumolid, lexotan, pills koplo, BK, including LSD, Mushroom.

Other addictive substances here are materials / substances not Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances such as alcohol / ethanol or methanol, tobacco, gas is inhaled (inhalants) and the solvent (solvent). Often the use…

Desktop Displays The Missing Windows 7

Have you ever experienced when you turn on your personal computer or laptop and at that time  the icon that is in the taskbar or desktop does not appear, it could be due to explorer.exe  on your operating system is not working as it should.
It is a common thing that is often experienced by internet users who frequently download  software or music activity mp3. Because each to download, the software has been compromised  the possibility of a virus.
So what happens on pc desktop icons are sometimes hidden by malware or other applications.  This will make you confused, There are several causes and the options that you can use to  improve the look of the desktop that is missing on windows 7. in general you can do the  following, to restore its original windows 7 taskbar.
First you have to do is try to do the cleaning by using existing antiviris on your PC. But if  you have done a scan with the antivirus and it did not work, probably until the virus has  infiltrated your PC registry files…

Smoking Makes Men Lose Chromosome Y

Chromosome is a genetic unit found in every cell nucleus in all living beings, shaped chromosome long series organized by the DNA molecules and proteins. Chromosome itself are two parts, namely the X chromosome and chromosome Y. The Y chromosome carries the properties of maleness, while the X chromosome contains traits of femininity. In the mother's egg cell only found the X chromosome, which determines the properties of femininity.
The father in the seed, there are sperm-sperm containing an X chromosome or a Y chromosome alone. Chromosomes are the main elements in determining sex Women have XX male element having element XY

Smoking Make Men Less Males?
This chromosome has a function as a storage material genetic material of life. It consists of DNA, we know DNA has a very important role, namely to carry out daily tasks, and also saves any genetic information, it can also help direct an organism to grow. So this chromosome has a great function in our body. "softilmu"