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Tips To Deal With Volcanic Eruptions

Volcano is a mountain that has a crater holes or cracks in the earth's crust where magma or lava discharge or fluid to the surface of the earth, the basic characteristics of a volcano is the presence of cracks or craters. Volcanoes can erupt at any time.

Active volcanoes have bursts of activity such as gas, smoke, burst of material from the volcano, volcano most commonly found in Indonesia, there are some very famous mountains in the world, on Mount Krakatau and Tambora mountains, and volcanoes in Java precisely in the area jogja.

Volcanic eruption is a natural disaster that can lead to goncangngan terrible, but it also, volcanic eruptions can emit materials such as sand and rocks crater and many more. When viewed in terms of faith or religion, natural becana is a warning to humanity of tuhanya.
Tips To Deal With Volcanic Eruptions
However, not all volcanoes in the world is an active mountain, but we also need to recognize the signs of an active volcano that will erupt. Below are some signs -sign active volcano that will erupt in general:
Temperatures around the crater of the volcano rises
Water sources around the volcano began to dry
Frequent volcanic earthquakes
Animals that are above the mountain coming down to the slope
Often heard the roar of the mountain
The signs are not easily recognized by the public at large. By because they were, the local government will continue to monitor the progress of a volcano. That if where when a volcano will undergo eruption, then the government has to first provide information for the mountain would erupt.

Basically, volcanic eruptions have a terrible affect, to minimize the danger of a volcanic eruption, you should do a few things below.

Before the eruption of the volcano
  • Provide goggles and masks that serve as protective of dust that can get into the eyes and respiratory tract.
  • You should stay away from a con-location close to the volcano.
  • Always be aware of, and alert to save themselves.

The things you need to do during a volcanic eruption:
  • Follow evacuation orders issued by authorities,
  • Be careful with the mud flow, Look towards upstream, and if there is a flow of mud approaching / flow, should not cross the bridge.
  • Away from the river valleys and low places
  • Always use goggles and masks for avoiding dust.
  • Listening to the latest information from the authorities, through radio or television.
  • Use long pants and long sleeves fatherly avoid contact with dust.
  • Stay away from places that manaangindatang from the erupting volcano.
  • Stay in the house, unless there are developments that endanger
  • Close the windows and ventilation holes to prevent dust from entering.
  • Avoid driving when it rains dust.

Conducted after the eruption:
  • Clean up remnants of the dust that settles on the roof of the house
  • If you have been evacuated to the place that is safe, you should wait for the development of personnel.
  • Keep track of the development of the volcano from a variety of media.
  • Give relief to those in need, heed the children and parents.
Good tips I present can be a consideration for those who are close to volcanoes. Thank you for listening to my article about Tips To Deal With Volcanic Eruptions

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