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The Dynamics of Human Interaction With the Environment

The Dynamics of Human Interaction With the Environment

Anews - Interaction is a form of reciprocal relationship between individuals, individuals and groups, and group by group. Human interaction not only with a certain group, it covers human interaction with the natural environment, social, cultural, economic. In this interaction there are many problems that called dynamic interaction. These dynamics to encourage the formation of a good thing or vice versa.

Human life can not be separated from the surrounding environment, as a small example, human breathing from the surrounding environment, eating and drinking, maintaining the health of all in need of an environment. So from that environment has a major role in the growth of a human being, either directly or indirectly.

The neighborhood itself has several components that can differentiate into several parts, namely environmental biotic, abiotic, social and cultural. while the definition of the components of each I lay out below:

Abiotic environment are elements of the environment that consists of objects not living or inanimate objects. An example is soil, rocks, air. While the biotic environment is an environment that consists of humans, plants, and animals and microorganisms.

The Dynamics of Human Interaction With the Environment
The Dynamics of Human Interaction With the Environment

At first, the human interaction with their environment are more natural and includes all components such as abiotic components (non-renewable) and biotic components (which can be renewed), but due to the growing number of human beings, the human needs also continue to increase over time, the human also continues menurus take existing resources from nature or the surrounding environment.

In fact, not only the number of people who continue to grow, but human lifestyles also change over time berjalanya. The more advanced human life so the more necessary requirements as well as the need for Clothes, food, home.

Human interaction with the environment takes place through two patterns (ways). The first man dipengarusi by lingkunganya factors, or on the contrary, people who have the ability to change their environment. The interaction characteristics vary from one region to other regions.

In the lives of the people who still tradisoanal, there is a tendency to dominate the environment in influencing the growth of a person or a life like hanlnya in rural communities.

In contrast to the areas where people have peradabanya more advanced level, humans tend to dominate the environment so that their environment has changed a lot of the natural environment into the built environment of human handiwork. As well as on the environment of developed countries.

Thank you for reading my article about the dynamics for human interaction with the environment, hopefully this can be a positive reading material for all of us.

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