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The Basic Principle of Impending Earthquakes

The Basic Principle of Impending Earthquakes

NSF - The earthquake was a terrible shock that shook the earth and cause damage to the ecosystem in the area where the quake. While the earthquake itself may be divided into several classifications, namely the earthquake in depth Hiposenterum, according to earthquake vibration wave and Earthquake According factors cause.

Earthquake According factors cause is divided into 3 parts, namely Tectonic earthquakes, volcanic earthquakes, earthquake debris.

Tectonic earthquakes are events Earthquakes are caused by dislocation or displacement of soil caused by the process of shifting layers of earth that suddenly occur in the structure of the earth that are believed to the pull and pressure inside the earth.

Volcanic earthquakes was the earthquake that caused by volcanic eruptions. This happens when magma volatile but there is a power or energy that suppresses the earth layer. It is this energy that urges the earth layer or coating capable of lifting up to the surface of the earth in, accompanied by vibration. A volcano that was erupting normally would and can lead to earthquakes.

The earthquake is the earthquake debris caused by the collapse of the roof of a cave or underground mine tunnel. Tunnel or cave forming a large cavity, if the rocks on the roof cavity or cave walls were weathered, the cavity may collapse because it no longer can support the weight of rock above the cavity. Debris caves or tunnels, can lead to vibrations in the earth.

The earthquake is scary, but it cannot be avoided due to natural disasters is one of the natural process that is bound to happen, For that we need to learn or be aware of the signs given by nature. Because natural disasters at one time not come suddenly.

There are some basic principles that can be seen if there will be an earthquake:

Sign on sky
If the sky has clouds shaped like a tornado, like a tree, like the stem, it is an earthquake cloud that usually appears before the earthquake struck.

Strange-shaped cloud that occurs because of the great-power electromagnetic waves from the base of the earth, so that the electromagnetic waves 'suck' power in the cloud, and therefore the shape of clouds so as sucked under. Powerful electromagnetic waves themselves are the result of a fault or a shift in the Earth's plates. But the emergence of such a quake cloud in the sky does not necessarily mean there will be an earthquake. It could be certainly looks like it.

Try testing electromagnetic fields in the home
If there is a fax machine, check whether the lights are blinking although again not transmit the data, Try asking others to send fax to us, check whether the received text messy or not

Try turning off the flow of electricity. Check whether the fluorescent lamp remains lit dimly lit even if there is no electric current

If suddenly lights blinking fax, but was not transmitting, the text that we received messy and neon remains lit even if there is no electric current, it means there is currently outstanding electromagnetic wave was going on, but invisible and cannot be felt by humans.

Try to note the animals
Check whether the animals as "disappeared", run or behave strange, uneasy. Animal instincts are usually sharp and animals since electromagnetic waves.

Note wells or groundwater
Also check whether groundwater suddenly become uncharacteristically low tide.

If all four sign is seen at the same time, immediately getting ready to evacuate themselves. It is the early signs will occur earthquake. However, as a man who is weak, we should always pray to God Almighty. For the Lord knows what will happen.

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